Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Jim Schaeffing Illustrator

Artist Jim Schaeffing's work has been featured in magazines and film studios such as Disney. He studied at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Jepson Art Institute in the 1950's. One of his instructors at Jepson was Rico Legruin. He also studied under Nicoli Fechin.
During his career as a magazine illustrator in New York City he was asked to do a series of paintings for the US Airforce.
When he worked for Disney Studios he did portraits of stars, as well as family members of Walt Disney.

As far as I can tell, by my research, he is still painting today in his studio outside of Sacramento, California.
Jim Schaffing's paintings of couples are heart warming and have a personal, intimate feeling to them. The expressions he captures on his subjects faces tap into the feeling of being in love. They depict life as a married couple and the range of emotions we go through.

 I do not own copyrights to these photos. I am meely sharing my love of this artist's works.

Rachel Davies Google+ January 3rd, 2013

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Trixie Lane said...

SO GOOD! What a wonderful post! Thanks for you do in bring back the style and taste and innocence of the Mid Century. Love it!

Rachel Davies @ Old Soul Retro said...

Thanks for your support Trixie.

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