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Movies And TV Shows Set In The 1940s,50s,60s

Can't get enough of the bygone eras of the 40's, 50's and 60's?
Here is a list of some movies and TV shows that will take you back in time and leave you with a RETRO vibe.


-Blast From The Past

-Down With Love

-That Thing You Do

-My Dog Skip

-The Sandlot

-The Help

-The Artist

-Stand By Me

-The Outsiders

-Inventing The Abbotts

-My Week With Marilyn

-The Notebook


The Audrey Hepburn Story

-Driving Miss Daisy

-Steel Magnolias

-A Beautiful Mind

-Beyond The Sea

-Big Fish

-The Black Dahlia

-October Sky

-Secondhand Lions

-A Christmas Story

-The Cider House Rules


-The Curious Case Of Benjamin Buttons

-From Time To Time

-A League Of Their Own

-The Others

-The Notorious Bettie Page

-The Pianist

-Once Upon A Time In America


-Walk The Line

-La Bamba

-The Buddy Holly Story


-A Walk In The Clouds

-The Majestic

-The James Dean Story

-Apollo 13

-Revolutionary Road

-Why Do Fools Fall In Love

-The Temptations

-The Sapphires

-Peggy Sue Got Married

-A Single Man


-Far From Heaven

-Riding In Cars With Boys


-Catch Me If You Can

-The Kennedys

-Pearl Harbor

-The Hours


-The Water Horse

-The Mystery Of Natalie Wood

-The Philadelphia Experiment

-The Comic Book Christmas Caper

-The Last Time I Committed Suicide

-Who Framed Roger Rabbit

-The Aviator

-Devil In A Blue Dress

-Gangster Squad

-The Man Who Wasn't There

-LA Confidential

-Good Night And Good Luck

-Mona Lisa Smile

-Heavenly Creatures



-Susie Q

-Forrest Gump

-Back To The Future

-Three Wishes

-The Long Walk Home


-The Iron Giant

-Where The Truth Lies

-The Man In The Moon

-The Big Town

-Deuces Wild

-Absolute Beginners

-The Talented Mr. Ripley

-The Producers


-Corrina Corrina

-The Illusionist

-Dead Poets Society

-The Rum Diary

-Thirteen Days


-All I Wanna Do

-Dirty Dancing



-The Flamingo Kid

-Love Field

-The Secret Life Of Bees

-Mississippi Burning

-Simon Birch


-Moonrise Kingdom

-Good Morning Vietnam

-Pirate Radio


-Made In Dagenham



-Air America


-Magic City
-Boardwalk Empire (1920s-30s) 
-Underbelly Season 4 & 6
-Mad Men
-Downton Abbey
-Boardwalk Empire (1920s-30s) 
-Pan Am
-The Bletchley Circle
-Call The Midwife
-The Hour
-The Wonder Years
-Happy Days
-Lavergne & Shirley
-The Hello Girls
-Born And Bred
-Mrs. Biggs
-Brooklyn Bridge
-Lipstick On Your Collar
-The Company
-I'll Fly Away
-The Thornbirds
-All Creatures Great And Small
-Miss Fischers Murder Mystery
-Goodnight Sweetheart
-The 1940's House
-The Sullivans
-American Dreams
-All The Way
-China Beach
-Crime Story
-The Royal
-Oliver Beene
-Bomb Girls
-The Darling Buds of May

What are some of your favorites?  This list is a work in progress. Please help me by contributing your thoughts and suggestions.

Rachel Davies Google+ December 12th, 2012

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Angelise Montague said...

the bomb girls is a great series set in ww2

Angelise Montague said...

the darling buds of may is a great series set in the 1950s

Rachel Davies @ Old Soul Retro said...

Thank you Angelise for your additions to the list. I had watched Bomb Girls before and had forgot to update the list. As for The Darling Buds of May, I just watched the first episode and it was "perfect"

abrannon said...

The movie Flipped is a sweet coming of age movie set in early 60's

Kimberly Meeks said...

Good girls revolt. Because women are more than just a pretty face.

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